Dnieper River, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Dnieper is one of the major rivers of Europe (fourth by length) that flows from Russia, through Belarus and Ukraine, to the Black Sea. The total length is 2,285 kilometres (1,420 mi) and has a drainage basin of 504,000 square kilometres (195,000 sq mi). The river is noted for its dams and hydroelectric stations. The Dnieper is an important navigable waterway for the economy of Ukraine and is connected via the Dnieper-Bug Canal to other waterways in Europe.

The Dnieper is important for the transport and economy of Ukraine. Its reservoirs have large ship locks, allowing vessels of up to 270 by 18 metres (890 × 59 ft) to access as far as the port of Kiev and thus create an important transport corridor. The river is used by passenger vessels as well. Inland cruises on the rivers Danube and Dnieper have been a growing market in recent decades. Landscapes along the Dnieper River consist of gently rolling hills dotted with forest groves, ancient villages, wide lakes and reservoirs.