Transylvania, Romania
Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania. The region is known for the scenic beauty of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history. Transylvania is rich in myth and misty medieval sites: there about 100 castles and fortresses and about 70 fortified churches. Romania's greatest and best preserved castles and fortresses are to be found here. Transylvania is also often associated with Dracula and the horror genre in general.

Transylvania is one of the most beautiful natural regions in Europe dotted with picturesque, medieval fortress towns and monasteries. Lively cities with stunning baroque architecture offer modern tourism services at a price far below that of, say, Germany or France. Here you can find some of the most developed cities in Romania, but also old villages where people live as they did a hundred years ago. Transylvania is surrounded by the misty Carpathian mountains and is home to rare fauna (bears, wolves) and flora (orchids and other plants).

Things to See & Do

* Bran Castle – Dracula’s Casle
* Medieval cities of Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Târgu Mureş and Sighişoara
* Saxon fortified churches
* Maramures region
* Apuseni Mountains

General Information

Cruise Season – March to Dec
Currency – Romanian leu (RON)
Language – Romanian
Population – 7,300,000 approx
Electricity – 2 round pins European style
Time - GMT/UTC plus two hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 40

Travel Links – There are three main airports in the region: Cluj-Napoca International Airport, Sibiuy International Airport and Transilvania International airport.

There are several daily international trains with very frequent trains link cities in Transylvania with Bucharest and major cities in all other regions of Romania.