Wrangel Island, Russia
Wrangle Island is an island in the Arctic Ocean, between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea. The distance to the closest point on the mainland is 140 km. belongs administratively to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation. This rocky island has a weather station and, formerly, two Chukchi fishing settlements on the southern side of the island.

A protected reserve since 1974, Wrangel Island is best known for its tundra geese, breeding Pacific walrus and wintering population of denning polar bears. Wrangel has a greater concentration of polar bears and walruses than anywhere else. Musk oxen and reindeer thrive inland.

Things to See & Do

* Roam the shores outside the nature reserve
* Bird watching

General Information

Cruise Season – May - Oct
Currency – Ruble (RUB)
Language – Russian
Population – 0
Land Area – 7,600 km²
Time – GMT minus twelve hours
International Country Telephone Code + 7

Travel Links – Wrangel Island is accessible by boat.