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Quark Expeditions has been one of the leading innovators and operators of expedition cruises, especially in polar regions, since 1991. The company has pioneered and developed a concept of fantastically adventurous journeys in first class comfort on powerful, polar icebreakers. This concept is unique and many "First Ever" passenger voyages have been successfully operated: the first North Pole voyage, the first transpolar voyage through the North Pole, the first Circumnavigation of Antarctica, the first "Far Side" of Antarctica voyage, the first Weddell Sea voyage, the first Northeast Passage and the first Circumnavigation of the Arctic are all part of this tradition.

Names such as Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Franklin, Peary and Nansen are synonymous with the Golden Age of Exploration and, thanks to the polar climates, elements of the past have been well preserved. Viewing these historical sights is a great experience and worthy of care and respect. Quark Expeditions understands this and ensures that all our passengers are fully briefed before any visits take place.

50 Years of Victory 50 Years of Victory

Rating: Specialty

Island Sky Island Sky

Rating: 5 Star

Kapitan Khlebnikov Kapitan Khlebnikov

Rating: Specialty

Ocean Adventurer Ocean Adventurer

Rating: Specialty

Ocean Diamond Ocean Diamond

Rating: Not Rated

Ocean Endeavour Ocean Endeavour

Rating: Specialty

Ocean Nova Ocean Nova

Rating: Specialty

World Explorer World Explorer

Rating: Specialty

04 Mar 2019
9 Nights
World Explorer, Antarctic Explorer ex Ushuaia Return

14 Mar 2019
19 Nights
World Explorer, Falklands South Georgia & Antarctica ex Ushuaia Return

European chefs prepare excellent international cuisine using fine provisions from around the world. A European barman attends the bar which features a good selection of wines, champagne and spirits. The dining room is attended by a combination of Russian and Western Staff.

As the customary gratuity to the ship's personnel is divided amongst the entire crew/hotel staff, the following suggested guidelines are for passengers convenience: US$9.00 - US$12.00 per person, per day. As stated, this is only a guideline and the amount passengers wish to give is at their discretion and can be added to their shipboard account.