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Pristine,remote and captivatingly beautiful, truly unique and exclusive river cruises, designed to immerse the discerning traveller in tropical landscapes and rich cultural vibrancy.

Cruise the world’s most spectacular rivers like the Mekong, the Volga and the Lena, the Ganges, the Orinoco and the Amazon River – we offer select boutique and expedition ships to discover the world from your comfortable cabin.

Our river cruises take you to classic destinations and sights all over the world, but also reach out for undiscovered paradises, bringing comfort and customer service to remote treasures.

Mekong Pearl Mekong Pearl

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Mekong Sun Mekong Sun

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Delicious Lao, Thai and international meals are served in the restaurant.

A selection of international and local wines, spirits and beers are available on baord, as well as soft drinks and bottled mineral water.