Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier, Lake Ontario & Saint Lawrence ex Toronto to Quebec
Cruise Line: CroisiEurope
Selected Sailing Date: 25 Jun 2019


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Cruise Itinerary
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Cruise Description

9 Night Cruise sailing from Toronto to Quebec aboard Jacques Cartier.

Passengers are welcome to board our ship. Dinner and night on board.

Day 2 : NIAGARA-ON THE LAKE - Niagara Falls
Join us for an optional excursion that will allow you to discover the renowned Niagara Falls, the most powerful in North America. Observing these iconic horseshoe-shaped 1km-long and 60m-high waterfalls will leave you speechless! You can choose between an optional mini-cruise at the foot of the falls OR admiring them from above during a helicopter ride. Both exhilarating experiences will provide amazing viewpoints. After returning on board for lunch, join us for an optional tour along the regional wine route for an occasion to sample the renowned Canadian icewine: the grapes are harvested while still frozen, giving icewine its characteristic sweetness balanced by high acidity. Afterwards, we’ll visit Niagara-on-the-Lake, a charming little Victorian town whose lovely shops are worth some free time. We’ll return on board and cruise the Niagara River. Enjoy dinner and your evening on board while our ship cruises through the night on Lake Ontario all the way to Toronto.

Today we’ll discover Toronto, the largest city in Canada with an American feel. Its numerous skyscrapers including the famous CN Tower (550m), its many museums, picturesque streets and numerous colorful districts all contribute to the city’s vivid cultural mosaic. Join us for a guided tour of Toronto exploring its beautiful historical center. After returning on board for lunch, join us for an optional excursion to discover the various typical districts of the town including Little Italy, China Town and the very singular Kensington Market area. Tonight, join us for an optional excursion ascending the CN Tower for a panoramic view of night-time Toronto and its illuminated skyscrapers. We’ll return on board for dinner and start sailing across Lake Ontario, cruising through the night.

Our ship will cruise along the coastline of Lake Ontario to Waupoos in Prince Edward County. Join us for an optional excursion traveling along the Cheddar and Ale Trail. After boarding zodiacs taking us to Waupoos, we’ll continue by bus to meet local cheese makers and beer or cider producers and sample their renowned specialties. Afterwards, we’ll return on board and cruise towards Kingston where we’ll stop off for a guided tour. Located on the banks of Lake Ontario, the former capital of Canada unveils a rich architectural heritage including Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Queen’s University and the City Hall. Enjoy some free time before returning on board for dinner. Night spent on board.

Early this morning, we will sail across the Thousand Islands to Rockport. Join us for an optional excursion to discover Boldt Castle(2). Perched on Heart Island, this castle whose construction started in 1899 stands as a legendary monument on this side of the River. We’ll return on board for lunch. This afternoon will be spent sailing across the Thousand Islands which form the emblematic passage of the majestic Saint Lawrence River. Our ship will cruise through this magical archipelago made of 1,900 islands and islets concentrated over a surface area of 80 km² between Canada and the United States forming a natural border. From tiny oases of unspoilt nature to larger isles dotted with small castles, splendid residences or modest traditional wooden houses, each island boasts a unique feature. After cruising through this particularly enchanting landscape so emblematic of the Canadian wilderness, we’ll enjoy dinner and the night on board.

Join us for an optional full-day excursion in Ottawa to discover the capital of Canada and the typical architecture of its monuments. We’ll visit the Canadian Museum of History and learn about the first Nations of the Northwest Coast. In 2017, on the 150th anniversary of the Confederation, the Canadian Museum of History inaugurated the largest (4,000m²) and most comprehensive exhibition room dedicated to Canadian history spanning 15,000 years. We’ll return on board for the evening. OR: spend the whole day cruising the Saint Lawrence while enjoying various onboard activities(5). Enjoy dinner and this evening on board. Our ship will cruise through the night.

We’ll reach Montreal mid-morning. Upon arrival, join us for a guided tour of this large island renowned for its numerous skyscrapers and its Manhattanite look. We’ll explore the historical center of this cosmopolitan and bustling city before returning on board for lunch. This afternoon, enjoy some free time or join us for our optional “Up close and personal” discovery of Montreal consisting of a panoramic tour of the city, complete with “smoked meat” tasting and a visit to the Mont-Royal plateau and the « underground city ». Because winters are very cold in Quebec, the city has built a great network of 32km-long underground tunnels linking together offices, universities, hotels, shopping malls and even some residential compounds for the locals to get around town and avoid the harsh winter weather. Dinner and night spent on board.

We’ll spend this morning cruising between the Sorel islands and Trois-Rivières. Our ship will stop off in Trois-Rivières for an optional excursion to discover an authentic sugar shack where maple products are made. The owner will welcome you with open arms in the heart of his maple farm and happily explain every detail of his craft. You’ll get to enjoy an afternoon snack of crepes and maple taffy on sticks before returning on board and sailing along the Saint Lawrence. Dinner and night spent on board. Our ship will cruise through the night.

Day 9 : QUEBEC
Join us for a guided tour of Old Quebec famous for its paved streets, quaint shops and the imposing Château Frontenac. Leaving on foot, we’ll stroll through the unique atmosphere of the former capital of New France and discover--among other things--Dufferin Terrace with its stunning viewpoint over the Saint Lawrence as well as the picturesque Petit-Champlain quarter. After lunch on board, join us for an optional excursion to Ile d’Orleans where we’ll get to take a lovely walk through the woods and sample local products. Discovered in 1535 by explorer Jacques Cartier, the island has been farmed by French settlers since 1650 and still holds true to its early motto: “I welcome and I feed”. Indeed, this very fertile land hosts many local producers. Dinner and night spent on board. Our ship will cruise through the evening.

Day 10 : QUEBEC
Disembarkment. End of our services.