Coral Expeditions I
Coral Expeditions
Coral Expeditions I, Sepik River Scouting Expeditions ex Madang Return
Cruise Line: Coral Expeditions
Selected Sailing Date: 13 Feb 2018


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Cruise Itinerary
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Cruise Description

7 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Madang onboard Coral Expeditions I.

Explore a wild and unspoiled land
The Sepik is one of the world’s great river systems. Meandering 1,100 km through Papua New Guinea, this mighty river has nurtured tribes and cultures for millennia. With dense terrain making this part of the world largely inaccessible by road, the river provides access to villages and towns along its course. Coral Expeditions first explored the Sepik River nearly a decade ago. We were amazed at what we saw. We encountered a truly wild and unspoilt land – increasing in magnificence the further upriver we went.

In response to increased demand to see more of Papua New Guinea, Coral Expeditions has planned a short series of four landmark expeditions in February 2018, each of 7 days duration. Positioning the Coral Expeditions I at the Sepik for a short month-long window, we will take advantage of her shallow draft and maneuverability to travel as far as the middle Sepik, where few have ventured before.

Allowing the rhythm of the river to determine our schedule, we will visit local tribes who have had little contact with modernity, pass through some of the oldest and densest rainforests in the world, and look out for local species including the famed Bird of Paradise. Reconnaissance voyages up smaller tributaries can be taken in smaller tender vessels, returning after each excursion to the comfort of Coral Expeditions I.

Coral Expeditions draws from our own experience cruising the Sepik, as well as the expertise of local operators, to develop an itinerary that is both comprehensive and exploratory. This knowledge of the area, as well as the experience and professionalism of our staff, will ensure you have a safe and exciting cruise.

Highlights of this cruise:

An expedition of this nature cannot be planned to the hour. We will use trusted local guides and the rhythm of the river to plan our daily schedule. Every trip may be slightly different, depending on the current of the river and the local conditions. You are guaranteed a spectacular insight into one of the world’s last frontier lands.

Leaving Madang, sail through the Madang Lagoon and past coral-laced islands to Sek Harbour and then out to the Bismarck Sea. Pass through the Dampier Strait at Cape Corselle and during the evening continue along the North Coast. As you pass the volcanic islands of Manam and Boisa, see the crater spewing hot ash and lava.

Leaving the ship by tender, we follow the barat (canal) through rainforest to the Murik Lakes and the village of Mendam where you will be introduced to the Sepik people. You may see traditional drama performed by the youths, and unique carvings can be purchased before returning through the Lake to the Sepik.

In the afternoon, a visit to Bien means a chance to purchase billum bags and a range of handicraft. The school will welcome you with a “sing sing”.

Proceed upriver to Taway and Angoram.

Following in the path of the German explorer Otto Fisnch as we continue up the Sepik. Visit Kambaramba, a village built entirely on stilts over the river. Snap some photos of this unique place and learn about the daily lives of its inhabitants. Continue to Moin Village.

Tambanum is the largest village along the Sepik River, and is known for its prolific carvers. Here, you have the chance to have your face painted in the traditional way – an unforgettable experience.

Sail past the Catholic Mission Station and continue upriver through the Iatmul Region of the middle Sepik. Kamindimbit is as far as the Coral Expeditions I will go upriver. At Kamindimbit, you will witness a spectacular “sing sing”, village demonstration, and a chance to see a display of valuable artifacts and handicraft. In the evening, see the sacred flutes played aboard, as they cannot be played within earshot of the village women.

Be taken by tender through a beautiful canal to the Chambri Lakes. With many islands and back-dropped by the Hunstein Mountains in the distance, it is a magical place. You will see many birds and maybe a pukpuk (crocodile) through the wetlands. Visit Aibom, famous for its pottery, and the first Haus Tambaran (spirit house) at Wombun. Haus Tambarans are used to administer village and cultural affairs, including initiations.

Continue upriver by tender, to visit Kanganaman and Pelambei. Kanganaman has the largest Haus Tambaran on the Sepik River. The carvings, hooks, garamut drums, and sacred flutes all play a significant part in village life and the carvings are considered to be among the best along the Sepik. See a demonstration of the famous garamut drums being played by the elders in the village.

The above itinerary is an indication only. Activities may vary and are subject to change based on local conditions and local availability.