Grande Mariner
Blount Small Ship Adventures
Grand Mariner, Cuban Cruise ex Havana to Cienfuegos
Selected Sailing Date: 02 Apr 2018


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Cruise Itinerary
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Cruise Description

4 Night Cruise sailing from Cienfuegos roundtrip aboard Grande Mariner. 4 Night Stay pre-cruise aboard Grand Caribe docked in Havana.

This unique Blount land/cruise offers the chance to spend 4 nights aboard the Grande Caribe docked in Havana and 4 nights aboard the Grande Mariner sailing Cuba's southern coast. This itinerary version describes routing for those starting their trip in Havana, however activities described are available to all travelers regardless of where you begin your journey.

In Havana, Cienfuegos, Cayo Largo and Trinidad meaningful exchanges with locals introduce you to this historic island. Your authentic People-to-People cruise means you can enjoy the riches of Cuba from the comfort of your Blount ship. Spend four full days in Havana, Cuba’s colorful capital. On the southern coast, visit Cienfuegos with palm-tree lined beaches, elegant French spirit, and tasty Caribbean dishes. In northwestern Cuba in the Caribbean Sea, the resort island of Cayo Largo is bursting with living coral reefs perfect for snorkeling.

Day 1 Havana
Welcome to Havana where you will board the Grande Caribe for 4 nights while exploring this cultural hub and its scenic countryside. A mosaic of Spanish, French, and African heritages, enjoy Cuba’s art, music, food and architecture. A vir- tual rainbow of archways, and the colorful classic American cars that line its streets, Havana is alive with the sultry rhythm of salsa music, and the aromatic scent of cigars wafting on the air.

Day 2 Havana
The magic and mystery of the Republic of Cuba comes alive through a journey of the senses as you explore the narrow roads of Old Havana, once a 17th century shipbuilding port and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. This lively, tropical city delights as you tour the main squares and sample locally-made chocolates and coffee. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before a salsa lesson and mojito demonstration. Tonight, dinner allows you to sample the foods of Havana.

Day 3 Havana
Visit the small suburb of San Francisco de Paula just outside of Havana and discover Finca Vigia, Ernest Hemingway’s house where he penned Old Man & The Sea. After a local lunch, explore the brilliant work of Jose Fuster, a Cuban artist, sculptor and painter influenced by Gaudi. More than 80 homes in Fuster’s neighborhood have become a personal canvas where walls, water tanks, and benches are adorned in a mosaic of vibrant tiles and art. Tonight a delicious dinner onboard the ship precedes an optional excursion to the iconic Tropicana known around the world for its cabaret shows.

Day 4 Havana
A scenic drive into the Cuban countryside takes you to Pinar del Rio, a rural landscape known as the mecca of tobacco. You will enjoy a very personal visit to a local farm in Vinales and learn first-hand from a working farmer about tobacco production and the drying process. Cuban hospitality abounds during a country luncheon at an organic farm. Savor regional dishes while overlooking the stunning vistas around the Valley of Silence.

Day 5 Cienfuegos
Travel by motorcoach from Havana to the city of Cienfuegos, known as “the Pearl of the South.” Originally inhabited by the Taino, or indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida, this area was later settled by the French immigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana. Here, palm trees line the wide streets and a French spirit combines with tasty Caribbean dishes. Visit the Benny More art school where you can interact with the area’s art students, take a walking tour of the Historic Center and enjoy a local lunch. Later, local artists from a graphic workshop will demonstrate their mastery of old print making techniques. Your afternoon ends with a performance the prized Cienfuegos Choir.

Day 6 Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo, an island made of limestone millions of years ago, is bursting with living coral reefs. Here, off the northwestern part of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea, you delight in the impossibly clear waters. This afternoon you will visit a sea turtle breeding center and learn about the aquatic life that swim among Cuba’s colorful coral.

Day 7 Day of Cruising
Spend the day sailing from the resort island of Cayo Largo to the seaside colonial village of Trinidad.

Day 8 Trinidad, Cayo Blanco & Cienfuegos
Spend your morning strolling the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, where horse-drawn carts are common forms of transportation. After a local lunch, stop at Manaca Iznaga Tower. The rest of your afternoon is spent exploring the beaches of Cayo Blanco. Listen to local music and soak up the stunning scenery.

Day 9 Cienfuegos
Today, return to Cienfuegos to conclude your adventure. From dramatic sandy coastlines to historic plazas and palaces, you have experienced what is perhaps the most unique island in the Caribbean. After visiting Havana, Cienfuegos, Cayo Largo, Trinidad and Cayo Blanco you go home with memories of meaningful exchanges with locals and an introduction to the heart of this historic island.