Mekong Sun
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Mekong Sun, Highlights of Northern Laos ex Luang Prabang Return
Cruise Line: Lernidee Cruises
Selected Sailing Date: 24 Oct 2018


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Cruise Itinerary
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Cruise Description

5 Night Cruise sailing from Luang Prabang roundtrip aboard Mekong Sun.

Day 1 Embark in Luang Prabang
Step aboard the tropical hardwood deck of the Mekong Sun for your Laos cruise. This will be a trip to remember. Romantic cabins, balustrades and balconies, combined with the latest shipbuilding technology.

Tour the city of Luang Prabang in the gloriously warm afternoon. Wander the gardens of the Wat Xieng Thong temple, a masterpiece of gables and intricate golden carving.

At sunset, a welcome reception greets you back at the boat. Meet new friends and the warm Laotian crew, including chefs skilled in both Asian and European cuisine. Time for your first dinner on the great Mekong.

Day 2 Departure
You rise to see brightly robed monks pass through the streets, collecting alms—a daily ritual here in Luang Prabang.

You breakfast and the ship unmoors and steers south. Cruising the Mekong river, you see lush vegetation spread along the banks, over hills, rocks and up into the mountain mist.

Night approaches and your private vessel anchors on a secluded sandbank, surrounded by the sounds of the jungle.

Day 3 Wildlife on the Mekong
Standing on your private balcony, you watch the world float past. Fishermen by their bamboo houses. Towering rock formations covered in impenetrable green. The riverbank, the jungle—some of most impressive landscapes you’ll ever see.

Beneath you, the untamed Mekong, with the densest biodiversity of any river on Earth. In places, the river breaks into sudden rapids that your skillful crew navigate with ease.

As the day passes*, stop at a village school, meet the students and gain insight into life along the river.

*Dependent on water levels, some afternoon excursions will be via local Lao slow boat.

Day 4 Kuang Si Falls
It’s a peaceful, tropical morning on the river. Birds fly between the trees, fishermen cast their nets by the riverbank.

At a small village, the anchor is dropped and you hop onto a rickshaw going to the famous Kuang Si Falls. Take a swim in a turquoise pool beneath cascading clear water.

In the evening, enjoy the much-loved Mekong River Cruises barbecue on a tranquil riverbank, the smoke curling over the forest canopy in the warm evening air.

Day 5 Pak Ou Caves
Thousands of small Buddha statues gaze at you from the eerie beauty of the Pak Ou Caves, where they watch in silence over the Mekong.

A short jungle trek later, locals show you how they brew traditional Lao-Lao rice whisky. Elephants dot the landscape—if you’re lucky you’ll spot some.

Back aboard, you head to an afternoon in Luang Prabang, one of the most beautiful cities in Asia and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

From Phou Si Hill, you watch the sun set over crumbling colonial ruins, beautiful temples and palm trees. In the distance, mountains of vivid, verdant green.

Dress for dinner and promenade along the Mekong. Take a stroll through the night market, run by Hmong people dressed in dazzling hand-embroidered fabrics.

A farewell dinner on board is accompanied by a Bazi friendship ceremony and local dancers. A final touch of color to an extraordinary day.

Day 6 Disembarkation
After a last breakfast on board, you say goodbye to your Laotian crew and new friends. From elephants to mineral pools and landscapes of a lifetime, it’s been an unforgettable adventure.

NOTE: There is nothing tame about the Mekong, and the itinerary of every cruise is subject to river conditions, including floodwaters, low water levels, and morning fog. The itinerary of this tour may be subject to change in the face of logistical complexities caused by natural phenomena. Our crew are highly experienced and our vessel is powerfully built but if navigating conditions prompt safety concerns, programs may be amended.