Heritage Line
Jayavarman, Pearl of the Orient Downstream ex Phnom Penh to Saigon (My Tho)
Cruise Line: Heritage Line
Selected Sailing Date: 30 Jan 2019


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Cruise Itinerary
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Cruise Description

3 Night cruise departing from Phnom Penh to Saigon (My Tho) onboard The Jayavarman.

(NOTE: Itinerary below is for the High Water programme. For details of Low Water programme please check at time of enquiry/booking)

Day 1 Phnom Penh - Border Crossing - Tan Chau
At 8 o’clock we weclome our passengers of the Pearl of the Orient Cruise (3-nights).

The lounge is set up for a captivating lecture about Cambodian mordern history, held by a professor of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Definitely among the highlights of this cruise is to receive knowledge first hand as our lecturer has studied the subject extensively and personally.
The whole afternoon is at your own arrangements. This is the cruise part when even the last passenger will turn into
cruise mode and hopefully experience the therapeutic influence this mighty river radiates. It is time for massages, time for sun bed relaxations, time for private balcony kick-backs - it’s time to merge with the river.
Some may like to visit the bridge - the captain always has a story to share about “his” river. Float into a state of mild bliss, but be-fore totally drifting away do not forget lunchtime around noon. A culinary class if offered in the afternoon to sharpen your knowledge and skills of the local cuisine. There may be an afternoon snooze kicking in. Our high tea with coffee and snacks might work against it if you like to. We reach the border and arrive finally in Vietnam. From here it is just a short way to Tan Chau, a pleasant, slow-paced border town close-by with a sizeable Chinese, Kinh and Khmer community. We moor near the city with views of the riverside. Dinner is served and afterwards you can join our evening cinema with another selected classic movie.

Day 2 Tan Chau - My An Hung - Sa Dec
Welcome to the fish sanctuary of Vietnam. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at the dining hall or in the quiet sanctuary of your balcony. Brace yourself for an excursion around Tan Chau, a pleasant, slow-paced town near the Cambodian border with a sizeable Chinese, Kinh and Khmer community. Once arrived on-shore we hop on “xelois” to explore Tan Chau. A xeloi is a local vehicle which is still
used as a taxi in this region. We slowly move around the streets to see all the workshops, houses and domiciles. Get to feel the laid-back vibes of this place.

We stop at the colorful local market near one of the ancient temples. This is the best time to interact with the vendors of this friend-ly town to make your own bargain experience. We board our local boats and cruise along floating houses to finally reach a floating fish farm. This region is the source of fish production to be sold all over the world and we can see closely how fish farmings works. Back on board you may like to pamper yourself with some spa treatments or take a dip in our pool on the sun deck before lunch time. Our expert guides offer a presentation on the “Life on the Mekong Delta” as the ship continues to My An Hung near Sa Dec province. Before we arrive mingle and share some stories. We will set off for the My An Hung Village. In the village we receive wonderful insights into the private household of a local fam-ily. We are allowed to visit their vegetable garden and accees the seasonal vegetable fields via crossing a monkey bridge. We are invited after to their house for a Vietnamese tea tasting. Vietnamese tea is often bitter and locals sweeten it with honey. The honey produced by the family is a delicacy in this region. We are the offered fruits, juicy, fresh, and right from the tree. A local artist group performs a typical traditional dragon dance while we munch on those natural “vitamins bombs”.
As the sun sets and the light bathes everything golden we settle on a riverbank with cocktails to recap the day.
Back on our ship we cruise down the Mekong. Refresh yourself and get ready for dinner. The ship moors mid-river around Sa Dec.

Day 3 Binh Thanh Island - Cai Be - My Tho
During breakfast time we arrive at the island of Binh Thanh. We embark a local boat and head towards Binh Thanh Island. This island is one of the larger ones in the vast stream of the Mekong. Some communities have settled here and make their living by growing water hyazinths. We visit exclusively one of those untouched areas. By wandering through the village we get a deep understanding of the native life. But moreover, we can follow the whole process of mat making. You can even try yourself the weaving which is still done manual-ly. We will meet also an old local couple who share with us their story on this island and they are happy for any chit-chat with you. Back on board lunch is served and you have some time afterwards for yourself in your preferred cruise mode. In the early afternoon we arrive in Cai Be. Cai Be is a charming small town, famous for its Catholic French church and manufactur-ing of traditional crafts and food products. The floating market of Cai Be is getting smaller every year, since trading on the water is shifting more and more into modern central markets. We can still see some boat to boat trading of local goods, such as fruits and agricultural products. Our guide explains the particulars of this long lasting dealing cutlture. Each boat has a special marker to let buyers know what goods they are selling. We go on-shore to visit a workshop where we learn about and observe how rice paste, rice paper, rice cook-
ies and rice wine is manufactured. Cai Be and its surrounding areas are covered by palm trees and hence the region is also famous for the production of coconut candies. The city is criss-crossed by and many water canals. With our local boat we continue to cruise through the lush and green canal network and can observe farmers working in the fields.
As the sun sets, our crew invites you to a farewell event. Before your dinner enjoy some dance and music together with the crew. The ships moors at My Tho in the evening.

Day 4 My Tho - Saigon
Enjoy your last breakfast aboard our floating sanctuary.
We will disembark the ship after the breakfast and take a bus transfer from My Tho to the drop off point in Saigon. It is only around 70 kilometers on the highway. You arrive in Saigon by mid-morning.

We hope that you enjoyed this fascinating river just as our crew does every single time. Moreover we wish that you will take plenty of memories and friendships along with you that will linger with your stories of this amazing river - the Mighty Mekong.